Treasure Cay, Bahamas
May 3 - May 5, 2002


This free meeting was organized by a group of Skymaster owners* on a volunteer basis. Roughly half the time was devoted to social activities and the other half to Skymaster clinics. Most attendees flew their Skymasters cross-country to the meeting. Forty-two people came, 24 of which were registered for the clinics (see list).

The information below is the one presented prior to the meeting. For pics and other stories about the meeting, please go to Kevin's Skymaster Website


A tentative agenda is presented below. Changes may be made to meet attendees desires. This section will be expanded as additional details are worked out. We may add activities for spouses/companions if there is an expressed desire.

Friday, May 3
Aircraft arrivals & Welcome Dinner
Saturday, May 4
Morning -- In-depth Skymaster Clinic (technical & operational)
Afternoon -- Boat trip (snorkel & partying, perhaps at Nippers)
Evening -- Group Dinner, with flight anecdotes
Sunday, May 5
Morning -- In-depth Skymaster Clinic (technical & operational)
Afternoon -- Optional activities (golf, fishing)
Evening -- Optional dinner

We expect that some participants will arrive several days earlier to get a headstart on the fun & sun. The above agenda is designed to allow departures early on Sunday afternoon for those needing to be back at work on Monday, and on Monday morning for those who can stay through Sunday evening. Of course, some may want to stay a couple of days longer.


Skymaster technical and operational topics will be covered. Where possible, emphasis will be given to areas of interest to registered attendees. The clinics will be conducted principally by George M. Amthor, Jr. (better known as GMAS in the Message Board of the Unofficial Skymaster Website). GMAS is an A&P, an IA, a Skymaster owner and a recognized expert on the aircraft, having written numerous articles on Skymasters. We are all fortunate that GMAS has agreed to do this for us on a volunteer basis. Assisting him will be other owners (some with engineering backgrounds) who have considerable knowledge of Skymasters.


There is no charge for the clinics. You, of course, will pay for all of your expenses. Arrangements have been made at the Treasure Cay Hotel Resort & Marina (see resort info below) for discount hotel rooms at $115 per night and suites at $175 per night, roughly 35% off the advertised rate; note that there is a 10% tax plus a service charge of $1.50 per night for each person. Food costs are comparable to the U.S. and Bahamian customs fees are nominal.

Getting There

Treasure Cay is in the Abacos Islands of The Bahamas, just East of Florida. Commercial airlines serve it from several South Florida airports. If you fly your Skymaster, over-water hops are minimal -- a short 30-minute hop from Palm Beach to Grand Bahama Island and an even shorter 10-minute hop from Grand Bahama Island to Treasure Cay (MYAT). For further assistance go to the Flight Procedures Page (these procedures may seem complicated at first, but be assured that they are relatively simple).

Hotel & Meeting Rooms

The Treasure Cay Hotel Resort & Marina, where we will be staying and holding the meetings, offers deluxe accomodations, superb facilities and lots of activities. These can be perused at the Treasure Cay Website; this website also has a "Pilots Info" page (but read it carefully, and note that the runway is 6,900 feet long, not 2,500 feet).


For a U.S. citizen, it is tougher to meet U.S. requirements for re-entry into the U.S. than it is to meet Bahamian requirements. So, if your documents are good enough to come back into the U.S., they are good enough to enter The Bahamas. This is what U.S. citizens will need:
a U.S. passport (expired is OK but bring a photo ID if it's old), or
an original birth certificate if you were born in the U.S., along with a photo ID.
If you're at all concerned with your documentation, call or visit your nearest U.S. Customs office. (If you fly your Skymaster, you must also show a valid pilot's license and medical certificate when you return to the U.S.)


If you have questions after reading this page and the Flight Procedures Page, we would like to hear from you. Please send an e-mail to Ernie Martin at .

Meeting Registration

Once you decide that you will attend, contact the resort at 800-327-1584, tell them you're with Bob Cook's Skymaster group to get the discounted room rate, and after you've registered, send an e-mail to Ernie Martin with the names of the people in your party, which of those will attend the clinics, where you're coming from (where's home), the expected date/time of arrival, how you are getting to Treasure Cay, and the tail number of your Skymaster if you're flying it in. Ernie may be reached at .

* Bob Cook, who has a house in Treasure Cay, is making most of the arrangements on the island. Ernie Martin, who lives in Miami and flies frequently over The Bahamas, is organizing some of the activities and information. Larry Bowdish has kindly sent out notices to Skymaster owners. As indicated above, GMAS has volunteered to conduct the clinics.

DISCLAIMER AND RELEASE: The organizers believe that the information here and to be presented in the clinics is generally accurate but it is provided without any warranty. The information is presented for reference only and should not be relied upon. Elements of it may not be applicable to your aircraft. Finally, you use this information solely at your risk and, by using it, you agree to release the organizers from any liability.